Tour arround the island Gran Canaria All Highlights


Gran Canaria All Highlights! Tour arround the island. Beautiful landscapes, charming towns, culture and tradition of Canary Islands. You will also have an opportunity to enjoy canarian cusine and wines. Write to us

Duration: 8hrs

Pick up from south of Gran Canaria

Included: canarian coffee and rum tasting

Min. 4 participants to start a trip (make it private paying for four seats)

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Arround Gran Canaria All Highlights

Everything you need to see in Gran Canaria includes in our tour arround Gran Canaria. Hotel pickup, lunch and coffee tasting included. Visiting Gran Canaria along the „around the island route” is ideal for those who want to see the diversity of the island’s landscape in one day. Cheaper than renting a car, plus a local guide will show you the most beautiful places and breathtaking views.

Arround Gran Canatia tour plan
Puerto Mogan

We start with a tour of the places that all tours in Gran Canaria want to see. Called the Canarian Venice, a charming marina with streets full of colorful flowers, maintained in the climate of the south of Spain. The colonial old town, carved bridges romantically thrown over the canals and a forest of masts of the best sailboats moored on the island. Amazing photos guaranteed! Then we will drive through the Tamadaba Park, where we will admire the wild nature and monumental, raw mountains while driving on the western side of the island.

Blue Rocks (Azulejos)

A rock painted by nature, where green color is mixed with yellow, pink and red. We will stand in front of the colorful, steep volcanic walls of Azulejos de Veneguera, and a guide will help you stand on a rock ledge and take unique photos.

Playa Aldea

In the shadow of the cliffs that welcomed Christopher Columbus, we will drink canarian coffee. In sunny days we admire Tenerife emerging from the azure waters of the Atlantic Ocean.

Mirador del Balcon

The most famous viewpoint on the island, from which we admire Tenerife. We will be standing by the glass railing on the shelf attached to the cliff.

Puerto de las Nieves

A charming fishing village where they serve the best fish on the island. White and blue houses, rock walls and crystal clear water will accompany us during a Canarian lunch. In addition, we will drive through the Coffee Valley – the Ageate region, where Arabica coffee is produced from one of the oldest known ethiopian varieties.


The most famous fountain of the island along with a beautiful promenade decorated with tiles. Passing through Firgas is a walk through the ceramic atlas of the Canary Islands. Local guide will show you how different each island is.


The town that all tours in Gran Canaria ask about. The Canarian Sagrada Familia reigns over Arucas, and the town itself is famous for producing the best rum in Europe.



Puerto Mogan – Azulejos – Playa Aldea –  Puerto de las Nieves – Valley of Ageate – Firgas – Arucas


pick up from south of Gran Canaria

canarian coffee and rum tasting

min. 4 participants to start a trip (make it private paying for four seats)

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